Full name

Christopher Powell


Houston, TX


Chris Powell is a Peruvian-American 2D/3D animation artist based in Texas. He has worked both remotely and in-house for various animation/game companies including DreamWorks Animation TV, Rooster Teeth Animation, Creative Circle, Pixel Zoo Animation, Engine House LLC, and other collaborative efforts with award-winning animation directors.

He self-produced his CG animated film NOVALIS that has been screened at multiple film festivals worldwide, winning BEST ANIMATED FILM at the Oregon Independent Film Festival while being in-competition with Taiko Studios' ONE SMALL STEP. He has collaborated with Oscar-winning animation director, Everett Downing, on the in-development urban fantasy-adventure streaming series pitch THE BOOK OF MOJO.

Through his alma mater from Ringling College of Art and Design's Computer Animation major, he was exposed to both the medium of CG animation and concept development skillsets that has aid him in his work.

Please feel free to email me at:
(713) 367-2849